Project financing

Special type of bank financing, in which the cash flows, generated by the project, are a source of servicing of debt obligations
  • Amount
    from 50 million rubles
  • Term
    up to 15 years
  • Rate
    from 5%
  • Date of receipt of decision
    1 month
Governmental support
Within the framework of existing regional and federal programs of governmental support
  • Subsidies (partial cost recovery on leasing payments, partial cost recovery on payments on purchase of the imported equipment, partial cost recovery on interest payments of the investment agreement, etc.)
  • Administrative resource and state legal guarantees
  • Tax benefits
  • Privileges for rent
Standardized package of documents
  • A clear understanding of the list of documents prior to interaction
  • No need of development of the designing estimates
Repayment holiday
  • Credit body payment deferral up to 2 years
  • % payment deferral on the credit up to 9 months
Bail bonds
  • Absence of additional pledges and guarantees which are not related to the investment project
Availability of own means
  • 10 or 30 %
Additional benefits of project financing
  • Additional audit of the investment project from bank
  • Mortgage weight for crediting includes property rights on future object (up to 40%)
Interaction scheme
Application of the investment project
Working meeting
Forming of a package of documents
Expert opinion
Consideration by the board of trustees
Signing of the investment agreement
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